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Study Abroad

Take advantage of an experience that can last a lifetime with the ARAMFO Study Abroad Program.

The ARAMFO Study Abroad Program exists for students who wish to experience culture beyond the classroom as part of their undergraduate and graduate education. When you take advantage of an opportunity to immerse yourself in a different culture and experience alternative perspectives on viewing the world, you can maximize the value of your education. Students who are looking for real experiences of different cultures beyond their classrooms have the right to be supported by ARAMFO Study Abroad Program. 

How does our Study Abroad Program work?

ARAMFO provides two kinds of study abroad programs.

·         Short Travel Courses Program

Study Abroad Program

ARAMFO has contracts with mainly all the Arab universities “as shown in partner countries.”  Based on these contracts, students from the two sides have the right to get credits or pursue their degree in the partner country after they pay the required tuition to the other university. ARAMFO will guarantee that you will live in the secured dorms in the other country with three meals daily so you can get the support you need. ARAMFO will continue to support you with any issues that might come up during your stay in the other country to create the appropriate environment for you to study with no interruptions.     

With this kind of study abroad, you might study one academic year, one semester or pursue your Master’s degree from the other country.

Short Travel Courses Program

ARAMFO will provide one annual summer travel course to either Egypt or Morocco. In this short course, you will explore these countries and see mostly all their historical and religious sites.  You will also visit three different universities to get the chance to communicate with other professors and students from a different country. ARAMFO will arrange for this trip and guarantee your stay there at 5 star resorts for your accommodation and safety. You could take this trip for credits or no credits, depending on your educational needs.

In this kind of study abroad, you are not required to communicate with any travel agent, university, or airline company because ARAMFO will do all the required arrangements for your stay and visit in the other country.