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I never expected to feel fully secure or comfortable enough to take in everything around me.  It was really great getting to see everything, and I mean everything.  At times I felt like I couldn't get enough of one place or temple before we were getting whisked off to the next one.  Or I was wishing we could double back again to see it more than once.  It would have been amazing to see the Sphinx at night because I've heard there is an incredible night light show but I know there is only a limited amount of time available.

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The universities were another place I wish we could have stayed for, after getting to know the students and talking with them it would have been really great to have lunch or have them show us around the city from their point of view. 

We were still able to establish friendships and exchanged information to keep in touch but our time together was brief and cut short I feel like.
It feels odd saying this because going into the trip I thought I would be dreading the University trips because being in Egypt, going to school seems like the last thing you want to do and I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be my favorite part of the trip!

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The bus accommodations were excellent. It became our place of sanctuary after a long day of walking and being in the heat, we took refuge in the air conditioned bus to take us back to the hotels. Which leads me to the next point of how fabulous the hotels were :

I was unsure of what to expect because I have travelled a lot and my mom has as well and we realize that not all "five stars" resorts are measured on the same scale but we had no complaints about any of the hotels.

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They were beautiful, roomy, comfortable and much more than we expected to stay in. The buffets were wonderful and there were lots of choices to eat which was really great for me because I have several food allergies and I can be limited in what I am able to eat so having a lot of options was great for me.

Mr. Mohammad and Dr. Abeer made sure there was always snacks or lunches to bring with us on the bus so we would not get hungry and there was always MORE than plenty of bottled water for everyone to drink on the bus as well as take back to the room to brush our teeth with and everything.

Serenity Resort in Hurghada



 Sofitel in Luxor

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Our security team was excellent as well. We were always surrounded by (armed) police officers either on the bus or following the bus when we travelled between cities. Some of them were friendlier than others but it was really nice to know that we were always being protected.

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