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ARAMFO Scholarship for Building
Faculty-Led Travel Courses at American Universities

ARAMFO Educational Foundation works to support short term faculty-led travel courses led by professors in many different fields. The students are recruited, and the credit is offered, by the university of the faculty leader teaching the course. ARAMFO organizes all travel logistics of each trip and arranges all academic programs as well as school and organizations visits in the host country for professors and their students. We help to create an academic environment in the host country where professors and their students would be able to achieve the optimum learning experience about other cultures.

ARAMFO is delighted to offer a scholarship for the 2015-2016 academic year to all universities that will work to offer travel courses sponsored by ARAMFO through their schools. The scholarship information is as follows:

$10,000 will be offered to each study abroad office with 50 student participants in the ARAMFO's travel programs from the university. This scholarship will go toward financially supporting students who are interested in participating in faculty-led travel courses in the following academic year through their schools. This scholarship was created to increase the amount of students participating in faculty-led travel courses offered by their schools and to help build high quality faculty-led travel courses across the nation.

If interested in receiving this scholarship, and more information about it, please contact Ms. Emmalie Moseley at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ARAMFO Scholarships Winners

Ms. Erica Goodman
UND Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology
Awarded- Morocco Travel Course 2016

Dr. Karen Barton
Associate Professor of Geography at University of Northern Colorado
Awarded- Morocco Travel Course and International Conference 2014

Dr. Carol Bargeron
Associate Professor of History at Central State University
Awarded- Morocco Travel Course and International Conference 2014