We Work To Support Faculty-Led Travel Programs

"ARAMFO was instrumental in successfully organizing all of the logistics to make my “IDS 2300 – Caribbean Culture in Guyana South America” travel/experiential course possible. Dr. Abeer Ibrahim was attentive and thorough in all regards. The local tour guide (Keri Bentinck), whom ARAMFO hired to work with us on the ground, was knowledgeable, professional and kind.

During our visit to Guyana, Guyana’s President David Granger met and chatted with Central State University students in Buxton Village, East Coast Demerara, during an ARAMFO study abroad course (Caribbean Culture in Guyana, South America), Dec. 10-17. President Granger wished students success on their learning ventures in Guyana, which included a wilderness excursion to the Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Preservation and Development.”

ARAMFO group from Central State University with the President of Guyana and Mrs. Yvette Herod. President David A. Granger in back row in green shirt, in Buxton village.

Professor Geoffrey Giddings with Mr. President David A. Granger, President of Guyana.

ARAMFO group from Central State University in Iwokrama River Lodge in the Amazon Rainforest

ARAMFO group from Central State University in the Amazon Rainforest

ARAMFO group from Central State University in the Amazon Rainforest


Aramfo Magazine 2016 Release

aramfo magazine 2016 release

 ARAMFO Educational Foundation is proud to present the 2016 release of its magazine, featuring articles about the many benefits of faculty-led programs. Contributors include university professors, study abroad officers, and administrators. We highlighted what makes ARAMFO unique, giving you a better idea of how you can provide your students with an excellent, faculty-led study abroad program. As an educational foundation, ARAMFO organizes visits to US Embassies, companies, nonprofit organizations, and human rights foundations. We arrange for seminars at different universities and plan conferences with professors joining from around the world. These types of visits and activities are key in ARAMFO’s faculty-led travel courses because they allow the students not only to just see the country, but also to engage with its people.


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Dr. Farhang Rouhani From University of Marry Washington in Morocco. Aramfo course in Morocco 2014.

Dr. Farhang Rouhani, Geography Professor of the University of Marry Washington, discusses Morocco taking 15 students with him to Morocco. He talks about the great comprehensive overview of Morocco being that this trip was his first visit to the country. Also, he talks about what a great opportunity it was for his students to travel with him across Morocco and a explore all of the cities that they visited.  


The Annual ARAMFO International Conference, Morocco, 2014.

ARAMFO 2014- Study Abroad to Morocco. Professor Thomas Linneman of the Collage of William and Mary

Dr. Thomas Lineman, a visiting Professor of Sociology at the College of William and Mary, discusses his experience in Morocco with the ARAMFO 2014 tour. He talks about the experience with the International Conference and the different tours in multiple cities.  

Dr. Lineman talks about the terrific opportunity to learn in-depth and firsthand about a country he knew little about before he traveled with ARAMFO. "It has been a wonderful first trip, the first of many I hope. Now that we know the country, somewhat, we plan to return and visit our favorite cities more in depth."

Professor George Junne, Professor of Africana Studies at University of Northern Colorado

I taught the 2013 Egypt travel course at UNC sponsored by ARAMFO. It was very organized and we were able to come away with insights that amazed us. students met with the spokesperson for the Muslim Brotherhood, a top major-general, Egyptian feminists, university faculty, representatives from the Ministry of Education, a representative of the US 

embassy, and several Egyptian students who accompanied us a couple days. There were programs specifically createdto address our group and there was room for Q&A, which in which the students participated. We did not experience any dangers or anti-American talk or actions.


Professor Michael Ogden at Central State University: ARAMFO Study Abroad to Morocco, 2014

The American Cultural Officer, Ms. Andrea Appell: ARAMFO's Annual Meeting, Morocco 014.

The American Cultural Officer, Mr. Andrew Mitchell, welcomes ARAMFO professors and students at ARAMFO Annual Meeting in Egypt, Cairo 2013.

Professor Karen M. Jennison, Professor and Chair of Sociology Department, 2012 Travel Course to Egypt

ARAMFO Travel Course to Egypt is academically sound, inexpensive and outstanding as a travel course. The Sociology Department and UNC would be passing up an excellent opportunity for students to see where western history began as well as a contemporary Arab society and culture if they did not take advantage of this trip arranged by ARAMFO.

ARAMFO Study Abroad to Morocco. Ouzoud, Morocco 2014.

Dr. Nadene Vevea of Central Washinton University talks about Morocco trip with ARAMFO

Dr. Nadene Veave of Central Washington University discusses the wonderful time her and her students have experienced in Morocco, with the 2014 ARAMFO tour. She discusses her experience in traveling all over the country of Morocco.  

She talks about the lasting friendships that she and her students have made with the students at the university visit and the possibility of someday returning to Morocco.

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