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The Teacher Leader Fellowship Program Abroad

aramfo the teacher leader fellowship program abroad

The Teacher Leader Fellowship Program Abroad is designed to provide US teachers with the necessarily skills and global experience they need in order to improve their work and deepen their professional career.
Teachers will visit countries that have been recognized internationally for their diverse educational systems. Students from these countries are happy, healthy and are consistently achieving top scores on the PISA exam. In these countries, teachers are highly valued, highly educated (they all have masters degrees), and treated as true leaders in their schools.

In these selected countries, we will visit schools that serve Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade students to observe the formal and informal ways teachers act as leaders. We will see how teachers construct and collaborate on partnerships with other teachers, parents, community members, and administrators. We will explore the cultural set up within the school by school leaders that enable teachers to serve within their teams including both across and beyond their schools. As a point of focus, we will study the policies and practices that promote teacher leadership.

Teachers will be meeting with the top leaders and analysts in the education field in the host country in order to better understand the different circumstances that exist around educational decisions. Teachers will spend most of their days with students, teachers, and school administrators in the host country to maximize learned content.

Participants will receive a certificate of accomplishment to certify their experiences in the host country. The issued certificate will be a great resource that participants can utilize in their career and promotion.

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Program Leader:

Professor Betty Sternberg
Professor Betty J. Sternberg
CT Commissioner of Education, Emerita
Project Director
The CCSU Teacher Leader Fellowship Program
Central Connecticut State University
Henry Barnard Hall
1615 Stanley Street
New Britain, CT 06050
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