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They led us into a big room, and told us about the history of the place, and the magnificence of its students. I was very surprised to see all of the students were very similar to me. They were concerned with finals, worried about how they looked, and even had fun in the same way that we did. It was great to see that even through so much cultural differences, we could still find similarities in our youth. This picture is one of my husband and I with one of our friends we met at MISR University. She used to attend the university as a student, and now works there. It was great to hear her talk so much about her beloved school.

image002And below is one of the replicas in the university museum, it looked so close to the real thing, it was hard to tell the difference!

Inside the university, they had a museum, which was filled with replicas of the original works inside the Egyptian museums. The students gave us a tour, and knew the history and impact of all of the pieces. I was very amazed when I saw the passion the students had for their history. Below is a picture of our guide, Aladin, who is a student and was showing us around the university.


I also loved seeing the citadel. I had seen pictures and videos, but seeing it in real life was such a treat. It was so much bigger than I had expected, and it was phenomenal to be there in person. It was an experience I will never ever forget. Below is a picture of me at the citadel, which I absolutely loved.

image003 image004 image005

Another place we visited was the Library of Alexandria. It was amazing to see this huge building and learn all of its history. It was 11 floors, and our guide explained to us how it was especially designed to light the inside, and keep it cool, and with green and blue tinted glass, it helps tie into the historical significance of the country.image001

All in all, I am extremely pleased with the trip we took. It was fun and educational, and I know I will never forget the experiences we had on the trip. Our Professor, Dr. Abeer, was fantastic, and helped show us the real Egypt, that isn't portrayed in magazines or in the news, and it is that Egypt that I fell in love with, and hope with all my heart to return to one day.