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Language Immersion Program

Learn a New Language at Aramfo

The Language Immersion program gives students a short-term and hands-on application to grow and develop their foreign language skills. ARAMFO Language Immersion program provides student groups with cultural immersion while attending a language academy full-time in their host country

Languages: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Arabic
Locations: Spain, France, Italy, Germany, China, Morocco

Some standard unique ARAMFO qualities:

  • ARAMFO Educational Foundation coordinates all logistics of the trip so the group is free to enjoy themselves
  • Small group tours
  • Faculty, Students, and Chaperones travel as a group from the same school
  • Travel health insurance included
  • Unique non-traditional tour activities can be added to any trip, regardless of scale 
 language immersion

Language Immersion Includes:

  • Enrollment in language academy
  • Safety and Risk Management   
  • Customized Private Tours
    Group selects travel dates and locations
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance
  • 24 Hour a Day Professional, Licensed, Local Native Tour Coordinators  
  • Specialized Activity for each group...
    Sporting Events, Theater Performances,
    Government Day, Etc...  
  • Airfare
  • Housing
  • All Meals  
All Ground transportation   

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