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Study in America Program



ARAMFO designs an annual educational program for professors, students and instructors/school teachers to study in America. The proposed program is approximately three weeks and includes academic courses, workshops and training in the United States of America. The program usually takes place in the first week of August and lasts 3 weeks. Participants usually spend the first 2 weeks of their visit in the campus of the host university and the rest of their visit moving between cities and they end their program with a visit to New York City. The program is provided to serve several categories of people including professors, instructors, students and school teachers. 


Undergraduate and Graduate Students:


Undergraduate and graduate students will engage in a program that offers 2 credit hours, which will be counted and transferred to their home university. The program also offers workshops and training to enhance their knowledge, skills, and ability of achievement that supports their carriers in the educational field. Participants will receive credit for the course to work towards their Bachelors/Masters degrees.    


Sinor High School Students:

Senior High School Students will be given a chance to earn credit hours that will be counted toward their academic program. 

This program will support their request to study in America in the future if they plan for that, besides, partner universities can help them to finish their paperwork to stay and complete either their bachelors or Masters' programs in the USA. Students might sign up for the course that fits with their academic and professional interests.


Instructors and School Teachers:

Instructors and school teachers will be highly engaged in a special workshop and course training under the title; "Education in America" that will be taught by professors and experts in education in the USA. This course focuses on public education in the United States, and examines how schools function, how the education system is structured, and the reform movements surrounding public education.  Participants will have an opportunity to visit with teachers, school administrators, and educational leaders to understand the day-to-day operations of public schools and the responsibilities of educators in America.


Benefits of the program:

All participants will receive a certificate from the host university entailing the period and the topic in which they were trained for, as well as a transcript showing the academic credit. This will be counted toward their academic and future carriers.

Students will be given a chance to complete their study in the host university in America.

Instructors and teachers who work for foreign language schools will be trained to be familiar with the educational system in America and will be given a certificate that proves their training program.



Cost of the program:

For information about the cost of the program, please contact:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at +1-303-900-8004.  



Requirements for Study in America Program:
Age: 18 and up
Gender: males and females are welcome
English language skills: all participants must speak, read and write good English
Schools letters: students must submit an approval letter from their school
Passport: current and valid passports are required for travel to the United States of America.
Copy of Passport: all participants must submit copy of their passports.
Supported letter. All participants must submit (1-2 pages) letter that shows their interest in the study in America program.