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Public Health, Nursing, and Medical Internships Abroad

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ARAMFO provides several opportunities for medical students, public health, healthcare, and nursing students to travel abroad for internships in one of our many partner hospitals located in Ghana, India, Morocco, and South Africa. Our partner hospitals and clinics, including mobile and emergency clinics, offer you unique experiences working in exceptional environments that give our groups the genuine, real world experience they need to start their career.

For those who seek to succeed in their medical and nursing school interviews, our internship programs place them in a real environment where they can work with real patients and obtain the real experience that they need to do well in their interview or to add more professionalism to their portfolio.

ARAMFO will solidify these health internship opportunities with a certificate of accomplishment from the hospital and clinics to prove the value of your time well spent.

For Public Health, Nursing, and medical Internships Abroad, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.