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Faculty-Led Travel courses

take the class beyond the classroom

The ARAMFO Foundation works to facilitate short-term faculty-led travel courses around the world to promote multiculturalism and academia.

Faculty are free to choose the dates for their travel courses and the airport they will fly from with their students.

ARAMFO Foundation does not create the syllabi on behalf of professors, but rather, helps them to customize their trip in a way that matches their disciplines and curricula. Professors might choose to offer the trip as a travel course for 3 to 6 credit hours through their department for regular tuition, or offer the trip as part of exploring a new culture for no credit.

ARAMFO arranges all of the logistics for the trip including: airfare from the preferred airport, hotels/housing, meals, tour guides, entrance fees, transportation in the host country, as well as any academic activities and visits in the host country.

Offering faculty-led travel courses at the university requires that professors need to approve their travel course with their department and Study Abroad Office at their university in order to ensure students receive the credit from their home university and professors to receive payment for teaching the course.   

Steps professors need in order to offer faculty-led travel courses at their university 

Step 1: Approve the travel course with the Chair of their department.
Step 2: Approve the travel course with the Study Abroad Office at the university.
Step 3: Recruit students for the travel course

Benefits from working with ARAMFO

Professors can focus on teaching their students in their classrooms and ARAMFO will work to arrange all the logistics of the trip and arrange any international visits. Working with ARAMFO has many benefits in faculty-led travel courses:

  • All the travel logistics of the trip will be arranged by ARAMFO including the university and company visits.
  • Customized dates and itineraries.
  • Travel cost of the professor will be covered by ARAMFO if at least 8 students are enrolled. 
  • Native professional guides to accompany all our groups in the host country and stay with professors and their students in case of any emergency.
  • Expand the number of faculty-led travel courses in the universities that work with ARAMFO as part of our commitment to Generation Study Abroad 





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